Kana Flash Cards

I've been trying to learn some Japanese for a little while now so I created some kana flash cards. Please download and use them to help you learn Japanese katakana and hiragana.

Print the front pages first, then put them back in your printer upside down and print the back side. It may take a few trials with plain paper to get it right because every printer is different but usually you just have to put the same edge of the paper in first, just turn the pages upside down but make sure they're in the right order. Check to make sure the Japanese characters on the front of your printed pages match the romaji on the back by comparing them to kana tables such as the ones at Takasugi Shinji's excellent web site Teach Yourself Japanese. Holding them up to a strong light will help you check.

Teach Yourself Japanese Katakana Table | Teach Yourself Japanese Hiragana Table

Once you get the printing right, print the front and back pages on sturdy paper or card stock. Then cut them along the lines to make the flash cards. You can punch a hole in the upper left corner of each card and put them all on a loose-leaf ring to keep them together.

You only need one copy of the back pages because they're the same for both the katakana and hiragana.

Katakana Flash Cards - Front | Hiragana Flash Cards - Front

Kana Flash Cards - Back

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